As I sit down to write this first post it dawns on me that I do not currently have the answer to the question “How to write a Network Automation Blog” – This is all new to me.

I’ve always been fascinated with Networking, Security and Programming and throughout my years as a Network Engineer, I have tried to combine all three into a job role – enter Network and Security Automation! I want to create this blog to document my knowledge on Network Automation for others to consume and also as a way to drive myself forward in this area.

Initially I intend to cover such topics as:

  • Creating a multi-vendor home Network Automation lab using virtual Routers, Switches and Firewalls..
  • Interacting with NFVs through Python.
  • Configuration management through tools like Ansible, Salt and Nornir.
  • A full deployment pipeline with failover, implementation, validation and rollback steps.

After this, we might explore other topics such as automated network monitoring, documentation and whatever else I discover that is worth sharing.

Virtual Network Topology